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Shoe Designing

Luhoc Future Ambitions

Luhoc has never got any requests for shoe Designing so we tend not specialise on them for now but once we start getting popular demands we will be looking forward to making them for you. But for now we they are not available from Luhoc at the moment

Ankara Shirts

Get Yours Today

Shopping can get pretty expensive, and finding a quality Boutique Clothing Shop is a mission in itself. Luhoc Enterprise sells a huge variety of Designer Shirts from leading brands, in all kinds of styles and sizes. Visit our shop and find a wide range of products that can be tailored to suit your tastes.


Ankara Trousers

A Great Collection

For an opportunity to make a bold fashion statement, browse our latest collections. Luhoc Enterprise has a large range of Dress Pants aimed to serve the wardrobe needs of all our shoppers. From classics and basics to trendy must-haves, anyone can find a gorgeous new fashion piece to add to their closet.

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