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Updated: Dec 14, 2020

LUHOC Workplace Studio is base at Thames-side Studios Unit 5-203, its a studio that celebrate, design and make accessories, clothe and home décor with the African wax print fabric, also know as kitenge and African Ankara, which is uniquely produced with detail, shape, stories, colourful, 100% cotton cloth commonly worn and used to make clothing, accessories and other products in Africa.

The fabric wax print are associated with African culture and heritage because of their tribal patterns and motifs. Each design and colour can reflect local traditions and symbols such as the tribe, marriage and social status of the wearer. Most African women use them as a non-verbal way of communication and sharing of their view and class

You may be asking if there is a difference between Ankara and Kitenge . there is no difference between the two fabrics. they all have the Kitenge and are not even aware of what fabric we have. The two clothes represent the African heritage and can be easily substituted when they are not sewn.

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